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Fishing Regulations By State
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Fishing Regulations by State

Proper state control and conservation initiatives guarantee that the Gulf Coast waterways continue to provide wonderful possibilities for recreational saltwater fishing. The Gulf Coast waters have some of the best fishing in the world.

Before you go fishing, make sure you have the necessary state licenses and permits, as well as knowledge of the current seasons and regulations.

State Resources, Licensing, and Regulations

Saltwater Fishing

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  • blackdrum

    Black Drum

    Pogonias cromis

    Black Drum are closely related to the highly sought-after Redfish. These large bottom dwellers have a high arched back with many whiskers under their jaw; younger fish have 4 or 5 dark vertical stripes that disappear with age. Black Drum can adapt to a wide range of habitats and can be found along the Atlantic coast and throughout the Gulf of Mexico. They are considered a good eating fish.
  • cobia


    Rachycentron canadum

    Cobia resemble a small shark with a torpedo-shaped body, single dorsal fin, and dark-brown back with a light underbelly. They are excellent game fish sought after by anglers due to their exhilarating fight on the line. Cobia are mostly found in the Atlantic and throughout the Gulf of Mexico. They are considered a good eating fish.
  • jackcrevalle

    Jack Crevalle

    Caranx hippos

    Jack Crevalle have a steep convex forehead, blunted face, and large eyes; easily identified from other Jack fish by a dark spot on their gill cover. These strong fighters are true bullies and will eat anything smaller than themselves - whether hungry or not. Jack Crevalle can be found throughout the coastal waters of the Western Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. These are excellent game fish but poor eating fish, catch and release recommended.

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