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Ancor 1 – 0 AWG Tinned Copper Wire Battery Cable – Black – 100 ft.

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The 1 – 0 AWG Tinned Copper Battery Cable is a high-quality power solution that ensures reliable electrical connectivity in marine environments. This robust battery cable, manufactured by renowned industry leader , is specifically engineered for demanding marine applications, where durability and corrosion resistance are essential.

With a substantial 1/0 AWG size, this cable is capable of handling high current loads, making it ideal for large boats, yachts, and other vessels. The generous 100-foot length of the cable offers ample coverage for most marine installations, allowing for flexible routing and connection over sizable distances.

Constructed from high-quality tinned copper with Type 3 stranding, the boasts superior corrosion resistance – a critical attribute for marine wires. This construction not only fights off the corrosive effects of saltwater and electrolysis but also delivers enhanced conductivity compared to non-tinned variants. The ultra-flexibility feature of the cable is credited to its Type 3 stranding, which efficiently combats fatigue from constant vibration and movement that are natural in any marine setting.

The feature of this battery cable is its insulation, made with ANCOR's proprietary premium vinyl. Unlike standard insulations that can become rigid and crack in low temperatures, this premium vinyl preserves its flexibility in extreme cold, ensuring consistent performance and easy handling throughout the year. It also provides exceptional resistance to environmental hazards encountered in marine settings such as saltwater, battery acid, oil, gasoline, and ultra-violet radiation. The robust insulation is not only capable of withstanding a wide temperature range—105°C when dry and 75°C when wet—but also protects against heat and abrasion for comprehensive durability.

Compliance with industry standards such as UL 1426, CFR Title 46 of the US Coast Guard Charter boat, and the standards set by the American Boat and Council (ABYC), is a testament to this battery cable's exceptional quality. End-users can be confident in the cable's and reliability because it not only meets but exceeds the necessary criteria for marine electrical components.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the AWG size of this battery cable?

A: The Ancor battery cable has a sizable 1/0 AWG gauge, suitable for high-current marine applications.

Q: How long is the cable?

A: The cable provides considerable reach with a length of 100 feet.

Q: What is tinned copper stranding?

A: Tinned copper stranding is a manufacturing process enhancing the wire's resilience against moisture-related corrosion, significantly extending the product's life, especially in marine environments.

Q: Is the insulation flexible in extreme cold conditions?

A: Absolutely, the premium vinyl insulation is engineered to maintain its flexibility under harsh cold temperatures, which is crucial for winter marine activities.

Q: What are the temperature limits of the insulation?

A: The insulation is rated to endure up to 105°C in dry conditions and up to 75°C when wet, ensuring stability across various environments.

Q: Does this cable meet standards?

A: Yes, the Ancor 1 – 0 AWG Tinned Copper Wire Battery Cable not only meets but exceeds critical safety standards, ensuring its suitability for marine use with peace of mind regarding its quality and safety.

3 reviews for Ancor 1 – 0 AWG Tinned Copper Wire Battery Cable – Black – 100 ft.

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