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Avet T-RX 50W 2-Speed Lever Drag Big Game Reels Blue – TR-X 50W Blue

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The T-RX 50W 2-Speed Lever Big Game are a powerful tool for serious anglers targeting large offshore species. With their robust construction and advanced features, these offer a significant advantage in big game fishing. Here's an expanded view of their capabilities and design:

  • Maximum Force: Provides an impressive drag force of up to 100 pounds, essential for battling large game fish.
  • Material Construction: Crafted from high-quality 6061 T-6 marine grade aluminum and stainless steel, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Anodized for increased corrosion resistance and finished with an attractive blue sheen.
  • Lever Drag Mechanism: Features an adjustable pre-set and strike stop button to prevent unintentional maximum drag engagement.
  • Transmission: Built with stainless steel gears delivering precision and featuring a rapid shift system for swift transitioning between gears.
  • DUAL DISC Avedrag Dry Carbon Fiber Drags: Offers enhanced reliability, considerable stopping power, as well as smooth operation and wear resistance.
  • Integrated Clicker Alarm: Comes with a clicker to provide an audible alert when a fish is on the .
  • Ergonomic Handle Knob: Large and ergonomically shaped for a comfortable and secure grip during intense battles.
  • Harassment Compatibility: Stainless steel harness lugs allow for easy attachment of a harness, optimizing leverage and control.
  • American Made: Proudly designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA, supporting domestic craftsmanship.

These key features make the T-RX 50W 2-Speed Lever Drag Big Game Reels a highly sought-after product for professional and passionate anglers alike. The 's ability to handle heavy line and extreme fight conditions makes it a formidable tool for landing trophy fish. Whether you're , fishing, or chasing giants, the Avet T-RX 50W offers the power, precision, and reliability required to succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the maximum drag force of the Avet T-RX 50W 2-Speed Lever Drag Big Game Reels?

The Avet T-RX 50W can generate a drag force of up to one hundred pounds.

2. What are the materials used in constructing these reels?

The reels are made of precision-machined components of 6061 T-6 marine grade aluminum and stainless steel.

3. Are these reels resistant to corrosion?

Yes, the reels are anodized to enhance their resistance to corrosion and give them an attractive finish.

4. Does the lever drag mechanism of these reels have any additional features?

Yes, the lever drag mechanism comes with an adjustable pre-set and a strike stop button to prevent accidental progression to maximum drag.

5. What type of transmissions do these reels have?

The gear transmissions are made of stainless steel and are manufactured with precision by Avet. They also feature a user-friendly rapid shift system for easy gear switching.

6. What are the advantages of the DUAL DISCAvedrag dry carbon fiber drags?

The DUAL DISCAvedrag dry carbon fiber drags offer reliability and greater stopping power, smoothness, and resistance to wear.

7. Do these reels come with a clicker?

Yes, the reels are equipped with a clicker for the alarm.

8. Are the handles of these reels comfortable to use?

Yes, the reels have a large, comfortable handle knob designed ergonomically for a comfortable grip.

9. Can these reels be used with a harness?

Yes, the reels are equipped with stainless steel harness lugs for easy attachment of a harness.

10. Where are these reels designed, manufactured, and assembled?

These reels are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the United States.

7 reviews for Avet T-RX 50W 2-Speed Lever Drag Big Game Reels Blue – TR-X 50W Blue

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