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Costa Del Mar Cleaning Kit – KC01PK

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The Costa Del Mar Cleaning Kit, style #KC-01, is the perfect solution for keeping your lenses clean and smudge-free. This kit includes a convenient case, a high-quality cleaning cloth, and a 1 oz anti-reflective spray lens cleaner.

With the Costa Del Mar Cleaning Kit, you can easily remove water, oil, and smudges from your lenses with just a few simple steps. The anti-reflective spray lens cleaner quickly and safely cleans your lenses, ensuring maximum clarity and visibility.

The cleaning cloth included in the kit is machine washable, making it easy to keep clean and ready for use. Whether you’re at home or on the go, this Costa Del Mar Cleaning Kit is the perfect companion for maintaining the longevity and performance of your lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I clean my lenses?

We recommend cleaning your lenses as needed. If you notice smudges or dirt on your lenses, it’s a good idea to clean them to maintain optimal clarity and visibility.

2. Can I use the cleaning spray on other types of glasses?

The cleaning spray included in the Costa Del Mar Cleaning Kit is specifically designed for use on Costa Del Mar lenses. We do not recommend using it on other types of glasses, as it may not provide the same level of cleaning and care.

3. How do I wash the cleaning cloth?

The cleaning cloth included in the kit is machine washable. Simply toss it in the washing machine with your regular laundry and air dry or tumble dry on low heat.

4. Can I use the cleaning spray on my sunglasses with prescription lenses?

Yes, the cleaning spray is safe to use on sunglasses with prescription lenses. However, we recommend consulting with your eye care professional for any specific cleaning instructions or recommendations for your prescription lenses.

3 reviews for Costa Del Mar Cleaning Kit – KC01PK

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