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Lowrance HALO20+ – 20 in. Radar Dome with 5M Cable

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With the HALO20+ from , you can easily see both far and near distances using just one small dome antenna. This is perfect for mid-sized to large yachts, providing high-quality detection for short, mid, and long-range distances.

One of the features of the HALO20+ radar is its Dual Range mode. This mode allows you to monitor two distance ranges simultaneously. This means you can keep an eye on distant weather cells while also watching out for potential collision dangers up close.

The HALO20+ radar utilizes a pulse compression technique, eliminating any compromises in detection at preset ranges. Additionally, beam sharpening technology improves the separation between small and distant objects.

In terms of collision avoidance, the HALO20+ radar is top-notch. It has an industry-first 60 RPM rotation at ranges up to 1.5 miles, which means it performs a full 360-degree sweep every second. The ultra-quick updates provide you with a nearly real-time picture at close range, giving you the best perspective for avoiding collisions with fast-moving targets.

The HALO20+ radar also incorporates VelocityTrackTM Doppler Technology. This technology provides quick visual input on whether targets are approaching or moving away from you. It color-codes approaching vessels for high visibility while de-emphasizing objects that are moving away. This boosts your situational awareness and lowers the risk of accidents.

One of the convenient features of the HALO20+ radar is that it automatically checks every target in range. There's no need to manually select individual targets, and it can display multiple targets on the screen at the same time.

When you need radar coverage, the HALO20+ radar quickly awakens from its low-power standby mode. It offers high-speed coverage exactly where and when you need it. Additionally, even if the radar is fully turned off, it starts up in seconds rather than minutes like typical pulse radars.

The HALO20+ radar is designed to be user-friendly. It offers different modes such as harbor, offshore, weather, and custom settings to fine-tune the signal processing for optimal visibility under various ambient conditions.

Some key features of the HALO20+ radar include a range of 36 miles from a compact 20-inch dome, advanced pulse compression and beam sharpening technologies, simultaneous Dual Range operation at ultra-fast 60 RPM, and the ability to use VelocityTrackTM Doppler technology for collision avoidance. It's also easily customizable with different settings for different situations.

Whether you're in a harbor, offshore, or dealing with challenging weather conditions, the HALO20+ radar ensures that targets can be seen clearly. Plus, it has MARPA target monitoring for up to 10 targets (20 in dual range) and it's instantly ready from standby mode. Additionally, it's designed to have minimal power usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the range of the HALO20+ radar?

The HALO20+ radar has a range of 36 nautical miles.

Q: Can the HALO20+ radar monitor multiple targets?

Yes, the radar can display multiple targets on the screen at the same time.

Q: What is the rotation speed of the HALO20+ radar?

The HALO20+ radar has an industry-first 60 RPM rotation at ranges up to 1.5 nautical miles.

Q: Does the HALO20+ radar have collision avoidance features?

Yes, the radar incorporates VelocityTrackTM Doppler Technology for enhanced collision avoidance.

Q: How quickly does the HALO20+ radar start up?

Even when fully turned off, the radar starts up in seconds, significantly faster than typical pulse radars.

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