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Lure Lock LL1D 4 in 1 Deep Tackle Box

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The LL1D 4 in 1 Deep Tackle Box is a versatile storage solution tailored for avid anglers. It is engineered to offer multiple configuration options to accommodate a wide range of tackle types and sizes. Anglers can tailor the internal space of the tackle box to suit their specific needs. Whether it's organizing small tackle or storing larger items such as and , the LL1D Tackle Box is capable of handling it all.

Thanks to its unique divider system, the versatility of the tackle box is significantly enhanced. Anglers can easily customize the interior space to create anywhere from a single large compartment to multiple smaller compartments. With varying configurations, it's suitable for different fishing styles and preferences.

Constructed from 100% Polypropylene, the tackle box boasts exceptional durability, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of frequent use in various fishing environments. Moreover, it incorporates the patented Tak Logic technology, providing numerous benefits:

  • Scent-free storage to prevent any smell from contaminating your tackle
  • Easy to clean surfaces that make maintenance a breeze
  • Environmentally safe materials that cater to the eco-conscious angler
  • Protection for the paint finish on hard , keeping them in pristine condition
  • Prevention of tackle from becoming tangled or migrating between compartments

The key features of the Lock LL1D 4 in 1 Deep Tackle Box contribute significantly to its functionality and convenience. Here's a list of what it offers:

  • 1-24 compartments with standard dividers for ultimate organization
  • 1-18 compartments with wider dividers for more extensive items
  • The option to remove all dividers and utilize the two one-inch trays for a three-level tackle organization
  • Complete removal of dividers and trays allows for open storage of larger items such as , , , and more

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove the dividers to create larger compartments?

Yes, the dividers in the Lock LL1D 4 in 1 Deep Tackle Box are fully removable, allowing you to create larger compartments for bulky items.

How many compartments can I have with the wider dividers?

When using the wider dividers, you can configure between 1-18 compartments, offering flexibility for different sizes of tackle.

Is the Lure Lock LL1D 4 in 1 Deep Tackle Box scent-free?

Absolutely, thanks to the patented Tak Logic technology, this box maintains a scent-free environment for your tackle.

How easy is it to clean the Lure Lock LL1D 4 in 1 Deep Tackle Box?

Cleaning is a breeze with the Lure Lock tackle box. Its durable material can be quickly wiped down or rinsed with water and mild soap when necessary.

Can I use the Lure Lock LL1D 4 in 1 Deep Tackle Box for other purposes besides fishing tackle?

Indeed, the versatility of this tackle box makes it suitable for a variety of storage needs beyond just fishing tackle when dividers and trays are removed.

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