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Mustad 1 – 0 Beak Hook Sliced Shank Baitholder – 92641-BR

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The Mustad 92641-BR Beak Hook Sliced Shank Baitholder is a special type of hook with unique features. It is forged, reversed, and has two slices along its long shank. The shank is also turned down, and the hook has a small ball eye for easy attachment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the purpose of the slices along the shank of the hook?

A: The slices along the shank of the hook serve to improve bait retention. By creating small pockets, the slices help securely hold bait in place, increasing the chances of a successful hookset.

Q: What does it mean for the hook to be forged and reversed?

A: A forged hook undergoes a shaping process that increases its strength and durability. This makes it less likely to bend or break during use. Reversing the hook means that the point is angled towards the shank, which helps improve hooking efficiency.

Q: Why is the shank turned down?

A: The turned-down shank of the hook provides an optimal angle for hooking fish. It helps ensure that the point of the hook penetrates the fish's mouth and securely holds onto it, reducing the chances of the fish getting off the hook.

Q: What is the purpose of the small ball eye on the hook?

A: The small ball eye on the hook makes it easy to attach the hook to the line or leader. It allows for quick and efficient rigging, saving time and effort during setup.

2 reviews for Mustad 1 – 0 Beak Hook Sliced Shank Baitholder – 92641-BR

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