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Scotty 1176 Power Grip Plus “Stacker” Release with 6-inch Leader

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The 1176 Power Grip Plus “Stacker” Release is a highly useful tool for anglers looking to improve their **** fishing efficiency. This innovative accessory allows for the use of multiple fishing on a single by stacking the on top of one another. Its streamlined design is specifically crafted to minimize issues such as snagging on weeds or tangled , which can be a major inconvenience when fishing. The release mechanism employs a gentle grip on the **fishing line** through soft, non-abrasive pads, giving the user the flexibility to set the desired tension with ease. The patented tension adjuster is a significant feature that can increase the grip on the line, especially in situations where heavier retention is needed.

With a dimension of 4 1/4 inches in length, the Power Grip Plus “Stacker” Release boasts a large and ergonomic shape that is easy to handle even in harsh marine conditions. Adjusting the release mechanism for a tighter or lighter release is a straightforward process of sliding the fishing line towards the front or back of the jaws, respectively. The product's flexibility and control make it an essential component for the avid angler's arsenal.

Features List:

  • Allows multiple per downrigger for increased fishing efficiency
  • Streamlined design to prevent snagging and line tangling
  • Gentle grip on the fishing line with adjustable tension
  • Easy to handle, with a large ergonomic shape
  • Patented tension adjuster for doubling holding power
  • Versatile attachment to either the downrigger or cable
  • 6-inch leader for convenient line management
  • Ability to set desired release strength, from tight to light

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Scotty Power Grip Plus “Stacker” Release?

The Scotty Power Grip Plus “Stacker” Release is designed to allow you to fish with multiple rods per downrigger for greater productivity and a higher chance of catching fish.

How does the release work?

The release works by gripping the fishing line between soft pads, which can be adjusted for tension, making it adaptable to different fishing conditions and preferences.

Can I attach the line release to both the and the cable?

Yes, the flexibility of the Scotty Power Grip Plus “Stacker” Release allows it to be attached to either the weight or the cable, providing versatile setup options.

What is the purpose of the patented tension adjuster?

The patented tension adjuster serves to increase the release's holding power when fishing in conditions that require a firmer grip on the used line.

What are the dimensions of the release?

The release's 4 1/4-inch length and substantial shape make it convenient for anglers to handle and operate.

How can I achieve a tighter release?

For a tighter release, which may be necessary for heavier or in strong currents, the line can be moved closer to the jaws' front.

How can I achieve a lighter release?

To attain a lighter release, ideal for more delicate presentations or lighter , the line can be positioned further back in the jaws.

In conclusion, the Scotty 1176 Power Grip Plus “Stacker” Release with a 6-inch Leader is a versatile and essential tool for serious downrigger fishermen looking to effectively manage multiple lines and optimize their chances for success on the water.

2 reviews for Scotty 1176 Power Grip Plus “Stacker” Release with 6-inch Leader

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