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Shimano 160JE Orca Lure Flying Fish

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The Shimano ORCA Top Water Lures, specifically the 160JE model, which resembles a flying fish, are engineered to be an effective tool in any offshore angler's ensemble for enticing species like Tuna and Dorado. When it comes to top water techniques, the versatility of the TP-ORCA to mimic distressed prey makes it exceptionally potent.

The lure is crafted to perform a diverse array of movements to captivate predatory fish. To engage the TP-ORCA's full capability, cast it out to the intended location and impart short, sharp jerks to the rod. This physical manipulation will create a lively, popping surface disturbance combined with a diving behavior that is irresistible to game fish.

As you employ the TP-ORCA, you can expect it to deliver in several ways:

  • Life-like Motion: The TP-ORCA can dive with a side-to-side rolling motion or engage in a “walk-the-dog” action with strategic pauses, creating the illusion of an injured baitfish.
  • Horizontal Suspension: During pauses in the retrieve, the TP-ORCA floats horizontally mimicking vulnerable prey.
  • Aerodynamic Design: An efficient shape allows for longer and more powerful casts, reaching distant fish with ease.
  • Internal Weight System: Proprietary weight placement within the lure gives rise to an erratic pop and dive action, catching the attention of perceptive game fish.
  • High-Quality Hooks: The lure is armed with ultra-sharp, high tensile strength treble hooks, designed to ensure a secure set upon the strike.

The sleek and functional Shimano 160JE Orca Lure Flying Fish merges realistic swimming motions with superior casting capabilities, establishing itself as a formidable implement for any angler pursuing top water thrills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How deep can the TP-ORCA dive?

A: The TP-ORCA is purposefully designed to reach depths up to 3 feet, perfect for engaging surface-feeding species.

Q: What is the best way to retrieve the TP-ORCA lure?

A: Employ a varied retrieval method by casting the lure out and then alternating between rod jerks to induce the pop and dive action, and periodic pauses to execute the seductive “walk-the-dog” maneuver.

Q: Are the treble hooks on the TP-ORCA sharp?

A: Indeed, the TP-ORCA is equipped with exceptionally sharp, high tensile strength treble hooks for superior penetration and hold during the fight.

Q: Can the TP-ORCA be used in freshwater?

A: Although primarily designed for offshore , the versatility of the TP-ORCA allows for successful application in freshwater environments, targeting local predators that hunt near the surface.

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