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Shimano WW118 Waxwing Jigs GS – Green Shad – WW118 GS – Green Shad

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The Waxwing is an innovative Sub- swimming designed specifically for saltwater fishing. It offers a simple yet effective technique – just the and point your rod tip towards it, then begin reeling. As you , the jig creates a unique side-to-side, zigzag motion with an irregular kicking action that entices fish to strike.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does the Waxwing jig work?

A: The Waxwing jig works by creating a side-to-side, zigzag motion with an irregular kicking action as you it in, which entices fish to strike.

Q: Is the Waxwing jig effective for saltwater fishing?

A: Yes, the Waxwing jig is specifically designed for saltwater fishing and has been proven to be effective in attracting fish.

Q: How do I use the Waxwing jig?

A: To use the Waxwing jig, simply it and point your rod tip towards it. Then, begin reeling in and let the jig do its work with its unique swimming action.

Q: What colors are available for the Waxwing jig?

A: The Green Shad color is available for the Waxwing jig, which is highly effective in saltwater environments.

Q: What fish can I catch with the Waxwing jig?

A: The Waxwing jig is designed to attract a variety of saltwater fish, including but not limited to striped bass, , , , and .

Q: Can I use the Waxwing jig for freshwater fishing?

A: While the Waxwing jig is primarily designed for saltwater fishing, it can also be used for certain freshwater species, such as largemouth bass and pike.

9 reviews for Shimano WW118 Waxwing Jigs GS – Green Shad – WW118 GS – Green Shad

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  2. Lavar

  3. Heriberto

  4. Latesha

  5. Stevens

  6. Damar

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  9. Lazarus

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