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Saltwater Fishing Lures – Texas Favorites

When it comes to the best saltwater fishing lures of all time, there appears to be an infinite variety of options available. Different lure types, colors, weights, scents, and actions are helping anglers dial in their efficiency as well as discover the habits and trends of the species they are targeting.

When fishing in saltwater, one of the more enjoyable aspects is trying to trick a fish into eating an artificial .

To increase the size and number of speckled trout, , and that you catch when saltwater fishing, let's have a look at the tried and proven, best saltwater fishing of all time.

Soft Plastics

The most advantageous saltwater fishing lure are soft plastics because of their adaptability and efficiency. They mimic the sizes, shapes, and colors of the fish that larger fish eat and come in a wide range of different forms.

Some of the best saltwater soft plastics are from Berkley, DOA, Hogy, Mirrolure, and Z-Man. If you are fishing inshore on the coast, you can absolutely trust Down South Lures to land specks and reds.

Topwater Lures

Topwater are highly valued due to the vigorous strikes that trout, , and even provide in response to them. Some anglers won't use anything else.

You can browse Yo-Zuri and Rapala lures for hours and also learn a thing or two about fishing trends due to their unique styles and designs.


Plugs are a sort of hard-bodied fishing lure that are also known as crankbaits and wobblers. They are meant to appear and behave much as live bait would.


Another tried-and-true angler favorite is the classic spoon. A general rule of thumb for color selection is gold for redfish and silver for speckled trout.

Achieving Success With Saltwater Fishing Lures

When it comes to serious saltwater fishing, locating the fish is only half the game, once you have located the fish, there is a wide selection of saltwater fishing lures that you can use to constantly improve your success. In fact, just browsing and reading about the different colors and variations as well as features and technology of the lures of this day and age can be addicting in itself.

Having said that, there are a few time-tested guidelines that you should abide by and become familiar with if you want to increase the size and numbers of your target fish.

What You Should Know Before Casting Your Line

  1. The form and size of the bait that the fish are eating should be replicated as closely as possible in the lure. This is commonly referred to as matching the hatch.
  2. The color of the lure determines whether or not the fish will perceive it and whether or not they will be drawn to it, so be mindful of your fishing conditions and water clarity.
  3. The lures you use should have some weight to them so that they are easier to and operate more effectively in the depth of water you are fishing in.
  4. A lure's motion, sound, and scent matter and should be appealing to the fish in order for them to bite on it. Don't be afraid to switch it up.
  5. The that you use ought to be sharp and the right size for the fish that you are attempting to reel in. Many anglers make the mistake of using aggressivley large when smaller hooks tend to have more success.
  6. The structure you are fishing should always be taken into consideration when selecting your lures.


One of the most exciting parts of saltwater fishing is the challenge of attempting to trick a fish into eating an artificial bait instead of its natural prey. The versatility and effectiveness of soft plastics make them the most effective and advantageous type of fishing lure for usage in saltwater. As a result of the aggressive strikes that trout, redfish, and even flounder produce in response to topwaters, their value has attracted particular attention.

Weekend or pro anglers, can consistently enhance their game of saltwater fishing by making use of the numerous fishing lures that are available in a broad variety.

Salt Action Editorial Team

Salt Action Editorial Team

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