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Raymarine 1M Backbone Cable for SeaTalk – A06034

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The Raymarine 1M Backbone Cable for SeaTalk, also known as part number A06034, plays a crucial role in the functionality of a boat's seaTalkng network. This network allows seamless integration of various marine electronic devices. The backbone cable, as its name suggests, is the core of the SeaTalkng network, forming the primary connection pathway for all devices.

Installing this backbone cable is an essential step in setting up an efficient and reliable SeaTalkng or NMEA 2000 network. The 1-meter length of the A06034 cable is often sufficient for smaller network arrangements but may need to be extended for larger vessels or more complex installations.

Key Features of the Raymarine 1M Backbone Cable for SeaTalk – A06034

  • 1 meter in length: Suitable for short distance connections within the network.
  • Quality construction: Designed to withstand the harsh marine environment.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with other SeaTalkng and NMEA 2000 devices.
  • : Capable of carrying both power and data signals to connected devices.
  • Extension capability: Can be extended using part A06030, the backbone extender, to accommodate larger network requirements.
  • Easy installation: Designed for a user-friendly installation process with clearly marked connectors.


Q: What is the purpose of the backbone cable in a SeaTalkng installation?

A: The backbone cable is responsible for connecting individual devices to the backbone and transporting data and power to all the connected devices.

Q: How are devices connected to the backbone in a SeaTalkng installation?

A: Devices are connected to the backbone using spur cables that run to T-pieces on the backbone.

Q: Why is it important to size the backbone appropriately in a SeaTalkng installation?

A: It is important to ensure that the backbone is sized appropriately so that it can reach every location where an NG or NMEA 2000 device might be installed.

Q: How can I extend the length of the backbone cable in a SeaTalkng installation?

A: You can use part A06030, which is a backbone extender, to join two backbone cable lengths together, facilitating network customization and expansion.

For marine enthusiasts and professionals, the Raymarine 1M Backbone Cable for SeaTalk – A06034 is an essential component in the creation of a robust and marine-grade network system that ensures reliability and performance on the water.

6 reviews for Raymarine 1M Backbone Cable for SeaTalk – A06034

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